NTDL #7: Be a negative “double-take”

Okay let me lay out a scenario for you.

You are walking down the street, whistling, minding your own business, observing the beauty and wonder that life has to offer. Amid the cyclist that just past you and the squirrel chase happening on the lawn yo your left…ALL OF A SUDDEN…a man with a long flowing beard and a long flowing skirt walks by. At first you just acknowledge him like any other person, but then you register what you saw and take a second look…


This my friends is what I call the “negative double-take”

You aren’t looking at this person again because you really liked what you saw…you are clearly thrown off by their peculiar fashion sense or odor or whatever causes you to have judgmental, negative feedback.

It kind of makes you think mean things like, “Man, I wonder if they own a mirror” OR “That is just so wrong on so many levels” OR like me you slightly admire their self confidence…but only slightly.

I don’t like judging people this way but it’s a natural human reflex. I don’t care what any self-righteous, “I love everybody” type people have to say about it. We all do it whether it’s outwardly expressed or subconsciously suppressed.

So CHEERS to all the previous negative double-takes aimed at me and a virtual high-five to the many many more to come. I know it’s on the Not-To-Do List, but let’s be real…it’s kind of unavoidable.

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