NTDL #8: Be a reality TV star

I don’t know about you, but I’m not up for selling my soul for that oh so coveted 15 minutes of fame.

They say you don’t feel it…you know…when you let the world (or people who waste their time watching reality TV) think you are an overbearing, pretentious, sleazy alcoholic. I don’t know. I feel like it would hurt somehow.

I have to give it to the people who edit those shows though because they are very very clever. Chopping and cropping, molding and folding clips to mesh their footage into what we perceive as a “story line” to an episode.

What is the ultimate cost?

Producers/people behind the scenes: A LOT OF MONEY

You: Loss of dignity, maybe a little self respect…but hey! Let’s look on the bright side. You did achieve some temporary fame, after all you were a trending topic on twitter for 4 hours 🙂 It’s the small victories right?

Wait…no it’s not about the small victories. LADIES! COME ON! I don’t care how big his “clock” supposedly is…it just ain’t worth it!

And woooah do not even get me started on this show and all of it’s off-spins. It’s a nightmare. It’s as though Maury Povich’s episodes where all the young girls are like “I want a baby! I don’t care that I don’t got no job and ain’t got no education!” ACTUALLY came to life and went viral throughout North America, glorifying the teenage mom struggle.

I don’t get it, but then again I don’t understand a lot of things. I plead ignorance for this continent’s inability to differentiate between what is entertainment and what is enjoying watching the pain of others…


  1. I have long been fascinated by the existence of *reality tv*. I am sure that somewhere out in academia there exists a study going on specifically to mine this phenom for human psyche gold, and if there isn’t, there should be.

    They started because someone discovered a few things;

    1) These programs are cheap to produce, as you don’t have to pay the *actors* union wages.

    2) In our culture of celebrity worship, people seem to equate self-worth with the public-eye focusing on them, regardless of the reason.

    3) There is an audience for these televised train wrecks. The worse individuals feel about their own lives the more they seem to need watching others do stupid things. If you can mock and feel superior to another, then your life isn’t so bad. Unfortunately what that says about you is that you really are that bad.

    If people acted like this in kindergarten they would be sent to the corner for a time out. What on earth has happened to society? :/

      1. I’m just as bad. In the end the only way to make that stupidity go away is for all of us to stop watching, and their advertisers will disappear. It should be another NTDL 😉

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