NTDL #10: Judge a book by it’s cover


How many books have horrible covers but are really good OR how many books have super interesting covers but are horrible? (This is assuming that you read…I won’t hold it against you, but I might go out of my way to use big words when I talk to you, and possibly use obscure literary references)

Why can’t we just judge these literary creations based on their good or bad prose? Well thought out plot or awkward word choices? Rather than simply looking at them on the shelf and deeming them not worthy of our time…

Could what I am writing at this moment be a giant metaphor (also known as a conceit…thank you English major) for human interaction? It could be taken that way but I am totally serious. Some books just don’t have the marketing brilliance or graphic design that propel it into popularity. It shouldn’t be about that. It should be about “what’s inside”…

Wow, now this is starting to actually sound like it was purposefully intended to be a shot at social preconceived notions…but it wasn’t I swear.

Or was it?

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