NTDL #12: Wear grey shorts to the gym

And I’m talking more specifically…grey COTTON shorts. They trap sweat like nothing I have ever seen before. Like…like…water to a sponge, like a fat kid to chocolate cake, like binge drinking to a university student, like my attention span to shiny things…

I’m not going to show a picture, but if I could transmit the permanently engrained image that I have in my mind of the unavoidably obvious sweaty nether-regions of men on the squatting racks…I would…but I can’t. It’s branded into my brain. Oh the things I’d rather imagine. Butterflies…rainbows…kittens…SWEAT-STAINED-GREY-COTTEN-SHORTS-MAN-BENDING-OVER-ahhhhhh!!!

Okay. You get the point. Must take my mind elsewhere…where’s that half empty bottle of…”water”?

One comment

  1. You need to add to this list of yours, wearing sweats with cute words printed across the backside, like COOKIE, and worn a size or few too small and paired with itty bitty belly shirt… so the extra cookie dough hangs over the edge in that oh so fashion forward way.

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