NTDL #13: Talk to someone who is on the verge of tears

Have you ever started getting teary eyed in public?

Have you ever had someone come up to you and ask “aw is everything okay?”

Was this question followed by you bursting into tears?

Now take this experience and don’t recreate it with someone else. I know, I know. The person asking if you are okay is well intentioned BUT good intentions can be misinterpreted THUS send a feeling of “back the f*** off, I don’t want to cry hysterically in public and you talking to me is only going to make these temporarily held back waterworks flood this damn room.” It’s like…when you’re walking outside on a beautiful sunny day and it starts to drizzle a bit. You are thinking “oh this will just pass quickly, this wasn’t in the forecast” and then Mother Nature decides to ask Rain if he’s feeling okay and why he is drizzling on a beautiful sunny day and then…WOOOOOSSHHH. Sheets of rain. You are soaked. You were obviously wearing a white shirt (you think Hollywood does it to add sexuality to movies but I swear I’m always wearing a white shirt when it rains).

Moral of the story…

Image Vs. Image

Wait till the coast is clear OR bring an emotionally stable life-jacket.

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