NTDL #15: Workout and not sweat

Either my pores are some kind of super-sweaty-hybrid OR that girl over there on the elliptical isn’t working hard enough.

How does one go to the gym and not sweat?! Doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose?!

I’ve seen guys do it too, but when girls start a workout looking all perfect and then leave looking the exact same…that just defies all laws of “working-out”. Yes there are laws.

Law #1: heart-rate up

Law #2: sweat

Law #3: there are only 2 (I did my research)

YOU! Yes you. Miss “I’m going to find my future husband at the gym” are making all of us sweaty females look like grotesque unhygienic neanderthals (no over-exaggeration I swear).

Anywho, the moral of this sad tale? If I see you cruising on level 2 not sweating and bopping your head around, flirting with the TV screen on your machine…




    1. I know hahaha. I enjoy wearing studs but I see some girls with big hoops on and I’m just like “1. That’s just plain dangerous and 2. why!”

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