NTDL #16: Make eye contact with gypsies

It’s a skill really.

When people want anything, they make eye contact. It’s like looking into someone’s soul.

Now, when it comes to people wanting money…the tactic of locking someone’s aimless glance is a masterful way to evoke pity and emptying one’s pockets.

And don’t get me wrong at all, giving money to people in need is a great thing, but I would seriously be bankrupt if I gave to every person I walked by. And because of this (after backpacking in Europe for a few weeks) you learn quickly to avoid eye contact, pretend you are deaf AND walk at an awkwardly fast pace.


What you should do when you have no money to spare…

What people always do…

No turning back now.

Do you feel lighter? You know why? Your soul has officially been sucked. They sell for a lot on the black market apparently. Ask your favourite reality TV star.

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