NTDL #17: Eat celery in front of people eating cake

Okay. So this is a very circumstantial situation, despite how simple it might seem.

Scenario 1The balancing act: You ate three pieces of cake yesterday but you have a birthday party to go to today! So, when cake is served at the party you politely decline and stick with the veggie tray.

Scenario 2You are full: Need to get a new excuse because no one is ever too full for cake BUT say you had five pieces of pizza and appetizers and honestly can’t shove another morsel in your mouth. Politely decline the cake and chew on some celery.

Scenario 3Things to do after: You are going out drinking and don’t want to be weighed down by a massive piece of cake OR you are hitting the gym and don’t want to run on a stomach full of butter and sugar. So you snack on celery.

Scenario 4You’re actually on a diet (or a health kick): You want to lose a few pounds and just want to be healthier! Apparently it’s common knowledge that cake isn’t good for you…I know! News to me. So you proceed with veggie eating.

The following responses are the thoughts that go through the head of those cake eaters…

Response by cake eaters #1: “Oh my god. They are on a diet.”

Response by cake eaters #2: “Oh my god. They have an eating disorder.”

Response by cake eaters #3: “Oh my god. I should go on a diet.”

I swear it doesn’t matter how much other food you have eaten. If you choose to NOT eat a piece of bad food along with everyone else…you might as well sound the alarm because it’s a BIG DEAL! Wooooah 500 less calories. Stop hatin’! (but feel free to hate on their choice of veggie to snack on because let’s be honest, no one actually LIKES celery)

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