NTDL #18: Wear colours while public speaking

It doesn’t matter how calm, cool and collected you are.

It doesn’t even matter what the temperature is.

What matters is that you are public speaking and you know what? Public speaking and the Sweat-Monster are bestfriends.

We like to think that “maybe for this presentation I can get away with wearing this light blue top” but no matter who, what, where or when…sweaty armpit syndrome is sure to follow.

I suggest sticking to a completely neutral colour palate when it comes to your wardrobe and that involves black, white and white…and black.

You can be adventurous if you feel so inclined. Maybe rock a black and white pattern, or a dark dark grey, or maybe even soft beige…BUT be warned. If you stray too far from your oh so trusty blacks and whites…no matter how fascinating your speech is…no matter how confident or even attractive you are…everyone is looking at your sweat stains.

(cough*all my profs*cough* so distracting*cough)

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