NTDL 19: Breathe within 10 meters of an Abercrombie store

So you are walking through the mall…

ALL OF A SUDDEN air starts thinning…you are becoming light headed…a toxic aroma begins to infiltrate your nostrils…

Yes. You guessed it. You are approaching an Abercrombie store.

I don’t know how many gallons of perfume they pump into the air on a daily basis…but my guess is an unhealthy amount considering the thick coating it leaves on any and everything that comes within 10 metres of it.

I use to have this silly game with myself where I’d hold my breath every time I walked by. Wait, who am I kidding. I still do that. It’s amazing how superstitions stick with you. You can assume I wasn’t one of those kids who shopped there…though if I was that would have really tested my lung capacity.

Anyways, I’m not hating on people who shop there…just their damaged sinuses.

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