NTDL #20: The Male-Female Chest Bump

In the heat of the moment, the adrenaline is high…you shoot…you score!!! Your co-ed basketball team just won the inter-mural championships. You are comfortable with your teammates so naturally you partake in celebratory gestures!!! Yay for high-fives!!! Yay for fist pumps!!! Yay for the ever-classic chest bump!!…

But don’t do it.

Trust me. Don’t do it.

But he/she is running up to you and you are both super excited, you both have a slight hesitation right before your feet leave the ground BUT you go for it anyways!

What you think you are going to look like:

What really happens…

Going through the guy’s head: Don’t jump too high, oh shit I just jumped too high…and yes her boobs were just shoved into my ribs.

Going through the girl’s head: Jump as high as you can, oh shit I can’t jump very high…damn I just rubbed my boobs on his ribs.


…walk away.

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