NTDL #23: Open a wrapper in a quiet place

Quiet places:

1. Class room/lecture hall

2. Library

3. Class room/lecture hall

4. During a speech or presentation (classroom/lecture hall)

You want to eat your granola bar RIGHT NOW? There is 5 minutes left in class…and you want to eat it NOW? I’m just checking. I don’t know, I guess if I was really really really really hungry I’d distract everyone around me too just to eat a granola bar with 5 min…REALLY? Right NOW?!

Kay. Now you have my undivided (and seriously annoyed) attention. Let’s take this outside. Let’s go.

Oh! Wait…you think that if you open it slower it will be quieter. Nope. Not true. I say just rip it open OR wait 5 minutes, but you already chose to not do the second one.

Damn. Still opening that rapper eh? Hmm…too bad I actually wanted to know what the prof was saying but seeing as my goldfish-like attention span was now stolen by your need to eat that crinkly-wrapper-covered granola bar…

Ohhh HELL NO! It’s a crunchy granola bar?! WOW. Why don’t you just eat a fog horn! Shake my damn head….

What is quieter to eat in class?

 Granola bar < Fog Horn



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