NTDL #24: Forget your lip chap

One of the top 5 most distracting things…having dry lips.

I swear, when you need lip chap, it just consumes your attention.

No matter how much you lick your lips in attempt to relieve them from their dehydrated state, you just can’t!It just makes it worse…then you look like LL Cool J with your incessant lip licking and then insanity ensues….

Ways to avoid it? Buy 10 things of lip chap…and put them EVERYWHERE. One in your bag, one in your other bag, one in your other other bag, one in every coat pocket, one on your desk, one by your bed, one in the kitchen…maybe even put one in your mailbox (you know, in case you get locked out and your lips get dry waiting for someone to let you in).

Now! Go forth and take preventative measures!

Potential brands to help quench your dry lips:

May you never be burdened with dry lips again.

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