NTDL #25: Try on something you can’t afford

I didn’t want to listen to my friend when he first told me this…but eventually I took his advice.

He told me, “Rachael, you’s a window shopper, Mad at me, I think I know why…Rachael you’s a window shopper, in the jewelery store, looking at shit you can’t buy.”

My first response was, “Yo 50, I don’t buy jewelry! You must have seen my doppelganger (identical twin)…was she pretty?”

And then he was like”Everybody mad when their paper dont stack right, When I come around Rachael you better act right”

Then I was like “You make a good point man, except I’m kinda scared by your last comment…”

Anyways! The point being…

Don’t try on stuff you can’t afford.

1. It’s depressing- not only because you can’t afford it but because when you want something you can’t have you just want it more…and more…and more and that leads to…

2. Caving In – buying it and then being like “oh wow I could not afford that, I guess it’s just me and my oatmeal for dinner for the next few weeks/months/life”

Anyways. Lesson of the day…

You: I neeeeed those shoes!

50 says: “Shit man, the store owner watching you, ‘fore somethin’ get stolen, stolen, stolen”

I’d listen to him. He does have a stack of money in his hand after all…

One comment

  1. When I window shop I slide my brain into the *looking at the design* category, and play critique…however what I have trouble with is people who know full well they can’t afford and therefore have no intent on purchasing something but will still go try on clothing/shoes/jewellery.

    It seems rude. I mean you are flat out lying to the shopworker, as well most of the gals trying things on are wearing make-up that is liable to rub off on the clothing so there is the chance that they can potentially damage the item in question (I really don’t want to pay to wear someone else’s foundation) and of course there is the returning the item to storage or display….which is just annoying run around work for the person having to do it in particular if there was no chance at making a sale. If someone came into your home or place of work and just messed things up for the sake of doing it you’d be peeved too. I just find it off-putting and a waste of everyone’s time. :/

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