NTDL #26: Escalator vs. Stairs Debate

So you are getting off the subway, off a train, at a mall etc and the destination in which you are heading to now involves you to go…up. So you approach two options.

Option #1: The stairs

Option #2: The escalator

The thing with these two options is that no matter what you choose, both will be in plain site of the viewing public, and more often than not, they are situated beside eachother.

This post was going to originally be me ranting about that ONE person who chooses to take the stairs…but then I realized that person is always me.

So that being said, this is a backwards “Not To-Do” because I am just mocking how obscure the whole situation is.

Person taking stairs:

1. “Well this will just be more excersise for me, it couldn’t hurt!”

2. “This is so much faster than taking the stairs! There is no line or awkward pressure when stepping onto a moving staircase while people behind you are glaring and grunting at you to move faster because they want to be lazy too and use the escalator”

Person on escalator looking at that ONE person taking stairs:

1. “Wow! Full of yourself much? Who do you think you are walking up all those stairs like you got places to be…pshh”

2. “I guess I could have done that for some extra exercise…but I now must abide by the escalator rules and stay put while I am standing on the right side and leave the left side open for people who are in a rush trying to move past me.”

Anyways, my point being…why not take the stairs? But, when it comes to those conveyer belts they have in airports…by all means use those! They are too fun to pass up.


  1. Best part of those moving sidewalks at airports?

    Upside: RUNNING on them. You are zooming along so fast it’s like you are FLASH 😀

    Downside: where the moving sidewalk ends and your ability to compensate suddenly become an obvious fail. *>.<!!

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