NTDL #29: Ask a PC owner if they wish they had a Mac

It’s a touchy subject.

I’m primarily talking about laptops in this argument but in general this is what tends to happen when you ask…

“Don’t you wish you had a MacBook?” or while you are sitting there with your MacBook open you ask “Hmmm…(in a condescending tone) Do you like your Dell/Samsung/Sony etc.? (anything that is not a Mac)”

The reply usually involves one or all of the following phases:

1. Denial – They say they love their computer. It gets “the job done” (although they don’t disclose if the job is done well). Maybe they caress it and smile awkwardly.

2. Defense – They start trying to throw any negative comments or stats they have EVER heard about Apple products at you. “Well, I hear that Macs are…umm…(mumbles something)…I don’t like Photo Booth anyways because people who take pictures of themselves are narcissists so that means Apple is stuck up and yeah. I like my computer.”

3. Complain – Give it a few minutes, then they complain about: how slow it is to load stuff, loud fan, short battery life, bad programs, breaks all the time, how heavy it is…blah blah blah BUT don’t worry, it really doesn’t bother them. REALLY. They REALLY DO like their computer (another bout of denial).

4. Personal Reflection – Sit in the silence of their roaring internal fan. Feel the indents forming from the 20 pound piece of machinery sitting on their lap. Acceptance sets in.

I am not saying that Macs are the best computer by ANY means…I am just poking fun at how hilarious it is to witness these types of conversations over and over…and over again.

Now for some self-centered Photo Booth pics. You’re welcome.


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