NTDL #31 – Bad Characteristic Association

Sounds complicated. It’s not.

Everyone has been the victim as well as the culprit of B.C.A.

A “bad characteristic association” is when people who don’t know you BUT what to identify you to someone, call upon certain characteristics of your appearance or personality to point you out.

Example 1: “Hey you know that guy in our class? The one who wears those hipster glasses and talks really really loud?”


Example 2: “I swear I see that one girl everywhere, you know…the one who cakes on the makeup and wears clothing one size too small?”

Have you guys ever wondered what defining, instantaneous characteristic people use to define you? Whether it’s them seeing you for the first time or whether you are around each other a lot but have never interacted? It is such a fascinating phenomena.

Although this is on my NTDL, it is really something completely out of my control. I guess my ultimate goal will be for people to say a positive reference rather than a negative. I just hope people don’t associate me solely on my often un-brushed hair or sweat pant collection…

BUT if they do, no hard feelings here 🙂 I TRY to embrace my quirks, as should all of you!

It’s okay, you can be jealous of my well-groomed hair.


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