NTDL #33: Hug Anxiety

Hugs. I could give handshakes and high-fives all day but…hugs. Everyone wants them. And don’t get me wrong! I love me a hug, but seriously, consider all of…

The Variables

1. When do you make the move for a hug? – upon approach, how long do you hold your arms up? a couple seconds away? what if they don’t do the same? do you just pretend you were stretching to the sky and then wipe the dirt off your shoulder?

2. How long do you hold it? – is their any significance to this?

3. Arms over or under? – this is vitally important, especially where height differences are concerned


4. One arm over and one arm under? – is this just for bros?

5. How much space between bodies? – from a spectators point of view, this alone can characterize the relationship between the two people

6. Eye contact? do you make eye contact while leaning in for hug or just dive right in with blind inhibition?

Did I just increase your hug-anxiety significantly?

What I ask of you: The next time we decide on meeting up, let me know if you plan on us embracing so I can emotionally and mentally prepare myself. It would be much appreciated.

Originally from: http://www.graphics16.com/graphics/hugs/


  1. I always give my friends a hug warning via text before we meet! C:
    Btw, “…because to-do lists involve you actually doing stuff” <– Genious, totally cracked me up 😀

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