NTDL #38 Bike on the road

No. One. Likes. You.

Walkers: don’t like you because you are getting somewhere faster than them AND they think your helmet looks silly AND if you are wearing a skin tight outfit…they think that looks silly too.

Drivers: don’t like you because…

1.  You are slow

2. They think they are going to hit you

3. No matter how far to the left thye go around you, they still think they are going to hit you

4. And while they are driving around you they imagine themselves hitting you and going to jail because of it

Just so we are clear. Road bikers…we are not friends. I have tried. I really have. This just isn’t working out. Maybe if you didn’t bike in front of me on a busy street or narrow road while it is raining at night I would feel differently…but you still do. I have put in the effort while you cease to change. And you thought I was stubborn? Yeah, look in the mirror my friend (although we were never friends. Anyways,

That’s all I have to say.



  1. I would have to add this: as a pedestrian I don’t like people on bikes. You have dedicated bicycle lanes but instead choose to use the sidewalk shoving me…the person walking with my groceries, into traffic. I stand and wait at the red light to cross a street….you do a fancy pretzel move in order to blow through it like the rules of the road don’t apply to you except when you get hit but a driver YOU JUST CUT OFF due to some stupid random move on your part.

    Dear biker ~ this pedestrian wants to shove a stick in your spokes because I’m tired of your self-righteous BS driving endangering MY LIFE!

  2. I don’t really bike much, but that’s kinda harsh. They’re trying to get somewhere just like you. Patience yo

    No comment on people riding on sidewalks though…

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