NTDL #39: Tell Secrets

Definition of secret:

not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others
Okay, now that we understand the definition, let’s get this out in the open. If you don’t want ANYONE to know…don’t tell anyone. Don’t write it down, don’t retell, recreate or produce anything that will make a duplicate of this “secret”.

I know I know, it’s hard. But if you genuinely want to keep something on the downlow, your lips have to be sealed. Whenever you tell someone something, you have to know they have that chronic condition called “human nature“. No, there is not a cure…but one of the many symptoms is gossiping and sharing information.

Person 1: “Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

Person 2: “I promise!”


All lies.

You know why I know that this is a lie? Because we have all done it. Yes, you have too. Oh you haven’t? Well you should get your Denial checked out.

Anyways, we can’t keep our mouths shut. The thing is, if you need to talk to someone, talk to someone. If you need to let out your angst and emotions etc. talk to someone! Just be okay with the fact that someone else now holds that information and it is at their disposal. That’s life. I have told secrets, heard secrets, kept secrets and confided in others about someone else’s secrets. That’s the nature of the glorious grape vine we call human interaction.

So if you are ever feeling the urge to tell someone something (whether it be yours to tell or not) and you are having reservations about it…when in doubt…

I swear that shit solves everything.


  1. There are grape vines so fat and grapey that in order to stand they are dependent on manmade stilts. Imagine, if you will, humans ceasing to exist. What will become of these human-dependent crops? Without our stilts, our irrigation, and our protection there will certainly be a massive extinction in domesticated crops either during the first winter or first summer they encounter. In order to sustain the nutrient systems in modern corn, potato, and wheat, we use an agricultural system that has nearly “perfected” the art of growing for mass consumption. Without our agriculture, these high-strung, prima-dona potatoes will literally freeze their asses and be crippled, if not dead, for the rest of their dirt lives. The plants within a crop that are the most successful in maintaining health and making babies won’t be the same plants that we saw as “successful” before our sudden extinction. What does it all mean, what mark do we actually leave in the grand scheme of things, eh? lol

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