NTDL #40 – Play rap music around a feminist

I implore you.

Do not…I repeat…DO NOT play rap music around a feminist.

Before I go into my pro-rap, anti-rap-hater rant, let’s first come to a common understanding of what I mean by “feminist”.
I’m talking about the extremest. Technically a feminist is anyone who thinks men and women should have equal rights. So “technically” many people are feminists. Anyways, in this scenario I am discussing the “everything I read, hear, see etc. is against women” type feminist.


If you like rap, whether it is mainstream, under ground…whatever. There are many derogatory, offensive, sexually explicit things said about women. That’s part of the genre. There are also very eloquently phrased, cleverly articulated things mentioned about women (and every other topic) BUT those are over shadowed. The reason for this? Most pump up and hype hip-hop and rap music that is mainstream is more…on the vulgar side. So when people who are against this type of music hear the 10 songs played in the top 40, they use these tracks as their battle ground for why it is such a crued genre. The fact of the matter is, this limited selection of music isn’t even scratching the surface. The majority of hip-hop lovers and rap connoisseurs listen to these joints on the radio, at the club and on their ipods to get amped and such BUT they do not (and I seriously mean, DO NOT) base their sole love for this music on the publicly praised, billboard chart climbing, created for mass audience, tracks.


Now this being said, sometimes you have to pick your battles.

Don’t play rap music in front of an extreme feminist.

1. Always be ready: She Will (pun intended…Drake ft. Lil Wayne) make some pretty easily justifiable arguments that, if you were caught off guard, will make you seriously consider your music choices

2. Not worth the effort: No mater what you say…you will NOT change her/his mind (yes a guy can be a feminist)

3. If: If you try to back up the lyrics…you’ll realize you can’t. Especially when you are caught defending the song “Hey Ma”. I once tried saying “I don’t listen to the lyrics necessarily, it’s for the beat, rhythm, base etc” but for some reason they weren’t buying it.
4. Playing it safe: When in doubt, keep it in the headphones 😉

Though I am curious…”What Would You Do” if you were faced with a sudden anti-rap attack? Other than burst out into City High’s one hit wonder.

One comment

  1. this debate is much deeper than rap music. I always go back to a common belief in Confucianism which make sense to me in that everybody has a role in life and one should cherish that role. They believe a woman’s role is to be a woman and a man’s role is to be a man and one shouldn’t fight that role. A woman can try to do things that men can do but it will naturally be a difficult role for her. and this isn’t common sexist ideas that a woman should be a house wife and a man a provider. This goes to the deep inner natural being that is woman. That a woman has estrogen running through her veins and a man has testosterone. It’s unnatural for a women to fight her natural emotional estrogen and a man to fight his machismo testosterone. This is a common problem I have with the feminism movement. I have no problem with giving women the rights they deserve but men and women aren’t equal. We are apples and oranges that shouldn’t be compared or competing against each other. So hip hop can be explained as just macho testosterone and the same can be said for Taylor Swift and her estrogen filled lyrics. Testosterone and estrogen should be accepted not fought against. It’s a losing battle. It’s not about right or wrong. it’s just what is.

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