NTDL #41 – Be an IHR


Definition: noun, Incessant Hand Raiser

1. someone who raises their hand as though their academic integrity depends on it

2. someone who likes the sound of their own voice

3. someone who has a chronic shoulder condition causing a chain reaction of muscle spasms propelling their arm into the air at frequent and constant intervals

4. someone who likes rephrasing (OR even better, repeating exactly) what the prof/teacher said, to clarify to themselves and to others that they are just as articulate as a parrot

This is how everyone around you is feeling…or maybe it’s just me (it is probably just me):

Phase 1: tra-la-la…maybe I should participate

Phase 2: wait a minute…you are that IHR

Phase 3: how are you still talking…

Phase 4: I knew I didn’t come to this class for a reason…goodnight


      1. You two, of all people, should know that mocking people is the new “cool” 😛

        And I was once inflicted with this…then I realized that only when I have something useful (maybe even insightful) to say I should put up my hand 🙂

        Rachael’s cynicism for the month is officially out!

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