NTDL #50 – ReFLEXtion

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is my bicep the biggest of all?!
It’s funny. Mirrors at gyms seem to make people do things that they would never do in any other public setting.
I’m not even talking about the classic mirror selfie in a private space:

I am talking about lifting up your shirt in public to check if your abs are still there…

Or doing a tricep flex, then trap shrug…just to assure yourself that after that super-set, you are indeed related to Bruce Banner.


Is there something in the air? It’s as though public common courtesy of being modest (to harmless strangers who don’t actually care about your max bench…which is probably pretty impressive…they should care) just went right out the window! But rather than the window, it went into the mirror. Now your reFLEXtion can  be critically analyzed by yourself (but who is kidding, you are beautiful) AND be praised by all of those lesser beings who choose to wear full pieces of clothing and use normal water bottles instead of wearing cut-offs and using shaker-cups.

All that being said…flex away! If I could wash my clothes on a personal six back, I would probably being lifting my shirt up all the time too! Actually, I would probably forgo clothing all together.

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