At The Bar

NTDL #35: Bar-To-Bride Syndrome

Oh how I love coming up with imaginary disorders. Disorders in which I can diagnose mass-populations with.

The disorder on the discussion board today: Bar-To-Bride Syndrome

Bar: A place where people gather to socialize and usually consume alcohol. In this definition, it also means clubs and pubs etc. AND in this definition it is stereotyped to North Americans so it involves copious amounts of alcohol.

Bride: The “majority” of the female population hopes to be this one day. Wear a white dress, walk down the isle, say vows…blah blah

Bar-To-Bride Syndrome: When females (or males i guess) think they will meet their future spouse in a bar/club and have expectations that surpass a simple hook-up/one-night stand/etc.

Let’s be real. I’m not a pessimist or trying to be a negative-nelly BUT come on. NO ONE should EVER go to a bar expecting to meet the person of their dreams. On top of that, if you do not meet or hook up with someone on a given night, you are not…I repeat…YOU ARE NOT going to end up a cat lady! (most likely). Think about it. We are all extremely visual creatures. If a man or woman approaches you in a bar there is 99.99999 % chance it is not because of your amazing personality…although I am banking on that 0.00001 %.

Anyways, people don’t go out expecting to meet extremely deep, well-rounded, life-partner potential type people.

If they do meet them? That’s fantastic! Congratulations. I’ve actually met some pretty great friends and significant others while out. BUT that being said, my expectations were actually zero. The thing is that if you go in expecting too much…it ain’t happening.

If you don’t meet these amazing people or that special person? Don’t sweat it. Why?

1. Wrong place to be looking

2. You have to maneuver your way through a lot of superficial, shallow, sleezy B.S to find someone worthy of your goddess/god-like presence.

3. Although lust is a prime component to the beginning of any relationship, there is a good chance that this one night stand is not going to lead to wedding bells. I don’t care if he says “I’ve never met anyone like you before” or “I can’t get over how beautiful you are”. Trust me. He has met a sexy drunk girl before AND he’ll be over your beauty tomorrow 😛

ANYWAYS this is not hating on the hilariously-amazing interactions that take place in clubs and bars. I’m just saying…don’t catch B2B Syndrome. It’s chronic. I’m currently doing a people-watching project to further research and treatment programs.

Party on my friends 😉