NTDL #52: Word-encies

Word Tendencies. Word-encies.

Have you ever realized (during contemplative self-reflection aka showering, walking places, ‘listening’ in class or in a meeting, being solicited on the phone) that people go through “word” phases? You know, times in your life where you have an affinity towards a certain word? And it gets to the point where you over-use it and you suddenly become VERY aware? Or someone else over-uses a word and that’s all you can focus on? Now, I am not saying that everyone does this. But I am saying that maybe not everyone is fully aware of this being a “thing”. Let me give you a few examples.

1. The General Phrase: A phrase you say in response to things on the daily. You get to the point where it is almost an automatic response and it’s over-use might lead the speaker to wonder if you are actually taking-in what they are saying OR you are just giving an automated robotic response (Don’t worry, robots are cool. Your secret is safe with me).

Mine: Right now…I have become far too aware of me saying “actually though” and “hilarious”

2. The Greeting: We go through greeting phases. How you say Hello and How are you?  This goes through phases throughout your life. I will be the case and point.

Mine: I did not always say hello to someone in such eloquent terms as I do now – “Yo” and “Sup” are sadly my greetings of habit currently (I am so very sorry). But, there was a dark time in my life where this greeting was reduced to the word of “Howdy”. Yes. I did not misspell that. Never in my life have I lived anywhere near the south, ridden horses or listened to country music on more than a “by-force” basis. Despite all of this, howdy would come tumbling out as I greeted everyday people. Dark times.

3. The “word that no one else uses but YOU use more than any normal human being should”: For some reason this word is in your vocabulary and you don’t know how or why it got there.

Mine: Qualm. This is my word of the week (hopefully it will not persist). I have somehow managed to integrate it into conversations thrice…I apologize to those who already struggle to understand what I am trying to say on a daily basis. To be totally honest, I think this might be the first time I have ever even typed the word “qualm”. You see…Qualm’s biggest qualm is that people will qualm about using it in anything other than trying to explain a qualm. Now, did that sentence make you feel qualmish?

4. The Copy-Cat Term: The word you picked up by hanging around someone or a group of people way too much and now use their “General Phrase” way more than necessary.

Mine: “Accurate” – thanks to my sister.

On a super random and sort of similar note…have you ever just said or typed a word that you don’t even know the meaning of? I swear I don’t read as much as I should…but honestly…unless I have a dictionary App embedded (punny) into my pillow, I have no other excuse as to why I use some words. Maybe it’s the copious amounts of random blogs and articles I have read over the years (I usually only get half way through…or past the first paragraph…#AttentionProblems) but I refuse to let that be the reason for my inadvertently expanding subconscious vocabulary.

Can anyone relate? Please tell me I am not alone!