NTDL #44: “Stop The Duck-Face, Save A Duck”

What did ducks ever do to you?

(maybe they attacked you once when you were little and you are still traumatized…but that’s not what I’m getting at)

Why would anyone ruin the good name of those cute little animals by associating it with this hilariously unattractive habit.

I wonder where this phenomenon began. I swear one day this will be part of a social studied class lesson. 100 years from now people will be looking back through photo catalogs trying to find the linear connection between who, what, where and why this trend propagated.

I know some people look great doing it…

I know right? But not everyone can look THIS good.

The wide range of Duck Faces: from left to right above

  1. The Seductive: Sultry and well aware of body positioning. This girl knows her Duck Face.
  2. The FML: “I’m only doing this because everyone around me is/ my friend is making me”
  3. The First Timer: “I don’t know how to do this so bare with me. Is it lips out? Or suck cheeks in? Or both?”
  4. The Raz: Like a kiss face but with a sour candy undertone. Always a good choice.
  5. The Cute One: It’s rare, but if you can make it look cute, work it. (below)

Alright. Now that I had this minor rant, Duck Face away. If that’s what you like to see in a photo, I am not going to stop you. BUT this being said, I think your normal smiling face is way more attractive. Don’t hide behind that pucker-lip and sucked in face…do you my friend.


Or maybe not.

Shout-out to my friends who set aside their dignity in public for a few minutes to help support the

“Stop The Duck-Face, Save A Duck” campaign.