NTDL #46: The Puddle Jumping Myth

No one ACTUALLY likes puddle jumping. Well…sort of…

Before I get into that rant, let me just get this one thing off my chest:

  • Puddle “jumping” seems to imply you are missing the puddle…and that is not very exciting. You are just being a very aware and practical walker and avoiding getting your feet wet. We should possibly consider re-wording this socially strange phenomenon.


You are probably like “Hold up. I love puddle jumping”…but think about it for a second. You are going out of your way to “jump IN” a pool of water and letting your feet get soaked. It is going to cause you more grief than pleasure really. Now you have to change your boots/shoes (I’m always in shoes…curse you puddle gods), socks and pants. And don’t even get me started on taking off wet clothing…it’s so terrible. (Spandex-wearing people, yah feel me?)

Alright, I’ll admit, I do occasionally like stomping in a puddle BUT I find it more enjoyable telling people about it than actually doing it. It is one of those acts where it makes a great story, but in actuality it was not that eventful. There was puddle. You jumped in it. You soaked the bottom half of your body. Congratulations.

Now sometimes people are in a hyper-type mood and

go crazy and jump in puddle…and that is fun…but let’s debunk this Puddle Jumping Myth once and for all. It is simply a socially acceptable and contained rebellion against the status quo of Puddle Avoiding. Nothing more.

Now…if you REALLY want a good story…stand by a big puddle when a car drives by. OR jump in one while your friend is walking by and they don’t expect it. You usua

lly get more soaked than they do but it is funny…until they hate you of course. Anyways, this is way more entertaining. Way better story. Let’s move on to bigger and better things people. (I was going to write bigger and wetter but my mind is permanently in the gutter…and I am now hysterical writing this actually…)

Okay. Regrouping.

Jump in puddles to your heart’s content people! But go big or go home. Dive in the damn puddle. Don’t just walk through one and go on twitter and be like “OMG I went puddle jumping today. So fun #Yolo #SorryNotSorry #ImSoCray”

Rachael Out


Source: http://www.ummaumma.com/2012/06/testing/